The Best Snorkel Gear For Between Dive Trips

Recently the Handicap-Diving crew has been getting into snorkeling as a way to introduce more hesitant ocean explorers to being comfortable in the water. Being able to float on the surface while taking in the underwater sights is a comforting way to begin to see the ocean differently. All you need is some decent quality snorkel gear, and you are set!

being able to breathe actual fresh air can help with many disabled divers who might not be comfortable with the idea of using an air cylinder. Once they are more comfortable with breathing with their face in the water, they tend to be more open to the idea of getting into scuba diving. Snorkeling can be just as fun though, especially if you are on a nice shallow reef. Most of the ocean life can be seen in the first 5 meters of water anyways, so swimming with snorkel gear on can allow you to experience the best the ocean has to offer. Sometimes you can even see small sharks that will be interested in you snorkeling on the surface. It is always an interesting experience to see them swimming up from the deep to check you out, and there is no reason to be scared!
best snorkel gear for adventure

with the right snorkel mask and fins, you can move smoothly through the water, while you sip air from the surface comfortably. Snorkel fins tend to be a bit shorter than traditional scuba fins, but a usually snorkel mask is just as good as the best scuba mask.  Snorkel sets tend to be handy on most dive boats as well, as it is a fun way to spend your surface interval in between dives. You simply grab your mask and fins and hop overboard!

For more disabled divers, they can comfortably float on the surface in a life jacket while still snorkeling and enjoying the views below. This is great for any multiple amputees who have a harder time swimming or controlling their direction while in the water.  So hopefully now you can see why we encourage divers of all levels to enjoy snorkeling on their next trip our on the ocean! Happy Travels everyone!